Registered in the UK 
HSE No. 8466

Hokoex is a soluble granule (SG) formulation containing cyromazine as the active ingredient. It is an effective larvicide for the control of nuisance flies in animal husbandry, outdoor manure heaps, slurry reservoirs and landfill sites. Hokoex is highly selective to fly larvae, interfering with larvae development and preventing the emergence of adult flies.

Active Ingredient: Cyromazine

Available Formulation: 20 g/L soluble granules (SG)

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Target Pests

Fly larvae

Fly larvae

Application Environments

Cattle houses Tick  Piggeries  Tick
Milking parlours  Tick Poultry farms  Tick
Chicken house layers  Tick Horse stables Tick 
Water disposal sites  Tick Slurry reservoirs  Tick 

 Use biocides safely. Always read the label and product information before use.

Mode of Application

Apply at a rate of 25 g of Hokoex per m². Hokoex can be scattered, poured or sprayed. HokoEx disrupts the larvae stage of the flies life cycle. It is recommended to simultaneously use an adulticide to control the existing adult flies.

Safety Equipment

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