Hockley Announces New Product - Mostyn Duo CS

12 August 2021

Hockley International announces a new product: Mostyn Duo CS. Mostyn Duo CS is a broad-spectrum insecticide with remarkable killing power, excellent flushing out and knocking down action, with good residual activity.

Mostyn Duo is a highly specialised combination of microencapsulation and emulsion-in-water technology with the active ingredients offering dual control. When sprayed, prallethrin (EW) delivers a fast knockdown and flushing effect, while the microencapsulated cyphenothrin gives long lasting residual control. As well as being ideal for use in a variety of environments, Mostyn Duo can also be used against ants and wasps via targeted spraying application.  

Mostyn Duo CS is suitable for professional use in a wide range of application environments including domestic, commercial, industrial and agricultural premises. It is effective against many flying and crawling insects including houseflies, cockroaches, bed bugs, fleas, ants, silverfish, red mites, litter beetles and wasps.

For more information on this product, please contact a member of our staff at mail@hockley.co.uk