Hockley enjoy a busy PPC LIVE 2020 in Harrogate!

13 March 2020

This week saw Hockley International attend the BPCA’s PPC Live exhibition, this time at the new location of the Yorkshire Event Centre in Harrogate.

Hockley Team at Stand


The one-day event took place on Wednesday 11th of March and, in spite of the high levels of travel disruption due to Coronavirus, the event was lively and busy right from the very beginning. The change of location proved popular and was a great chance for visitors from the north of England and Scotland to attend a nearby show. 

As usual, the event allowed pest management professionals and the industry in general to congregate, chat, and share information. With a variety of talks and presentations by industry experts, as well as indoor and outdoor demonstrations, there was a wealth of information available for all pest controllers.

Hockley were happy to have the opportunity to speak to end users of our environmental health products, see our industry colleagues again and catch up on the latest industry trends. The Hockley team were there to promote the growing UK pest control range and to discuss products with customers old, new, and future.

Permost CS and Mostyn PTP 15 ULV proved to be of extreme interest on the Hockley stand. These products have become a key part of the pest controller’s arsenal for control of key pests such as bed bugs. Permost CS is a highly concentrated micro-encapsulated permethrin product. This micro encapsulation of the active allows for extremely long residual activity, with consistent control for up to 12 weeks.  Mostyn PTP 15 ULV is an ultra-low volume concentrate formulated for use with ULV fogging machines. It contains a potent mix of actives for more complete control, with tetramethrin, 1-trans-phenothrin and PBO. It offers rapid knockdown against a broad range of flying and crawling insect pests.

As ever, it was an excellent event for Hockley, and a joy to meet with our end users.

If you would like any more information on the products discussed in this article, please send an email to sales@hockley.co.uk.