Success at PestEx 2019

15 May 2019

Recent attendance at PestEx 2019, held on the 19th and 20th of March brought significant success for Hockley International, where excellent feedback was received on our environmental health range of products.

From left to right: Lewis Litchfield, Frank Howard, and Patrick Lane at the Hockley stand at PestEx.

The two day event continues to reach new heights, with an increase in visitors of 11% over previous years. The exhibition was hosted at ExCel in London, expanding to fill the largest hall in PestEx’s history. With the full UK pest control range on display, operators came to the Hockley booth to give their inspiring evaluations on those products that they used most and to discuss one of our latest products Mostyn PTP ULV. With free Hockley International hats and flyswatters to promote the brand, Hockley staff received an overwhelmingly positive response from visitors, along with fascinating up to date discussion about the pest control market, its issues and primary pests.

The issues of the day were Brexit and strategies for dealing with the oncoming summer, as well as future restrictions to certain actives. The perennial pests such as bed bugs, cockroaches, and ants were all up for discussion. Hockley received great feedback, especially on the increasingly popular Permex 22E and Permost CS and there was much interest in the recently-released ULV product from Hockley, Mostyn PTP 15 ULV.

Pest controllers were enthusiastic about this product’s utility as a ULV product, available in microgen bottles which are compatible with the well-established Exodus ULV machine, as well as in coex bottles for other ULV machines on the market.

Permex 22E, with its broad-spectrum efficacy against many common insect pests, residual effects, and rapid knockdown, is a pyrethroid-based insecticide. The pyrethroid actives permethrin and tetramethrin provide rapid knockdown, while the PBO inhibits the insects’ natural defences. It is applicable to the main environments that pest controllers will find themselves in: domestic, commercial, industrial (including kitchens), hospitals, food storage and preparation areas, as well as agricultural areas.

Permost CS received a great deal of praise and interest due to its particularly long residual effects. This product is a permethrin based insecticide which offers broad spectrum control similar to Permex 22E, although with longer lasting residual effects. This product is microencapsulated, in which the active is coated in a membrane of varying thicknesses which break down over time giving a consistent strong residual effect for up to 90 days. This makes it the perfect product for certain hard to reach pests such as bedbugs, and reduces call back.

Speaking with visitors who had come from the UK and Europe, existing and new, the show was a huge success for Hockley. We walked away from the show tired but having learned from our customers and spread knowledge of our outstanding products.

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