Record-Breaking Summer Leads to Unprecedented Demand for Fly Control Range

02 July 2018

Whilst most people in the UK are enjoying the near-record temperatures this summer, at Hockley International the warm spell of weather has led to a busy few months as we receive an unprecedented level of demand for our Permost Uni Fly Spray.

Flies, which are most active during the summer months, are not only a common nuisance in public hygiene situations, animal housing units also provide ideal conditions for flies. Poultry sheds for example have controlled temperatures and a steady accumulation of manure and moisture provide an ideal breeding ground for flies. A heavy infestation can cause serious health concerns as well as strain productivity. Hockley International offers a wide range of products, which can help deliver effective fly control.

Due to their preference for hatching, feeding and breeding in excrement, rubbish and decaying organic matter, flies are known to carry up to 200 harmful strains of bacteria, many of which can cause sickness and diarrhoea in humans. With their propensity to fly between clean and unclean areas, it is very easy for these pathogens to come into contact with humans.

In animal housing units, as well as causing a serious nuisance to livestock and poultry, a fly infestation can spread disease and have a serious effect on production, leading to poor animal health and increased costs. A fly problem on a farm can also effect public health and can lead to negative relationships with local communities and it is not only production facilities that are located close to human dwellings which are at risk, with flies known to disperse to areas up to 20 miles away.

Whether domestic, commercial or in animal housing environments, Hockley International provides a specialised range of products which can deliver effective fly control including a larvicide soluble granule, residual micro-emulsion and a ready-to-use knockdown spray.

HokoEx – Fly larvicide

An effective larvicide for use against fly larvae in animal housing units. Formulated with the active ingredient cyromazine, HokoEx can be sprayed, painted or diluted to ensure effective control of fly larvae. The product works by disrupting the fly life-cycle, preventing instar moulting in larvae and pupae which significantly reduces adult fly populations.

Permex 22 E – Residual concentrate

A water-based micro-emulsion containing permethrin, tetramethrin and PBO. Approved for use in a wide range of environments, Permex 22 E offers rapid knockdown and long-lasting residual control.

Permost Uni Fly Spray - ready-to-use

A professional ready-to-use water-based insecticide containing permethrin, tetramethrin and PBO. It is suitable for use in public hygiene areas, as well as animal housing and husbandry. With a rapid knockdown effect, it can be applied to hard porous and non-porous surfaces with low residual effect to reduce fly populations.

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