Permost CS Proves to be Highly Effective in Red Mite Control

01 February 2018

Hockley International is delighted to report on the continued positive feedback we have received for Permost CS – one of the key insecticides in our animal housing range.

 A highly-versatile permethrin-based microencapsulation, it can be used in a wide range of environments, including animal and avian housing, to control various flying and crawling insects. One area Permost CS has proved to be particularly effective, is in the fight against red mites in poultry housing units.

Red Mites in Animal Housing:

The poultry red mite is a notoriously difficult pest to control in animal housing units and can spread rapidly if not appropriately controlled. An infestation of a flock can have extremely damaging consequences such as heightened disease susceptibility and anaemia, as well as a higher mortality rate. This subsequently has a negative effect on productivity, often leading to reduced egg quality, lower egg production as well as increased food consumption.

The poultry red mite has a short life cycle and ability to lay dormant for extended periods; this, together with the often-dusty habitat in which red mites harbour make control challenging and insecticidal contact difficult.

Microencapsulation Control:

As a microencapsulation, Permost CS enables the controlled-release of active over a period of around 90 days. The controlled-release exposes red mites to the insecticide for a longer period of time - in contrast to alternative formulations with shorter residual effects.

The active ingredient is encapsulated within a membrane and is released by diffusion. By altering the thickness of the membrane walls, active is released over a prolonged period, giving long-lasting and effective control. The product is also highly user-friendly. With low mammalian toxicity, a measuring bottle to ensure operator safety, minimal odour and non-staining action - Permost CS is easy to use and apply.

Permost CS is also effective against a variety of common insect pests found in animal housing such as flies, fleas and beetles (including the litter beetle), making the product an excellent all-around product for use in all animal housing units.