Hockley’s Attendance at RWM Exhibition Proves to be a Great Success!

01 November 2018

Hockley International is delighted to report on the success of its recent attendance at the Recycling and Waste Management exhibition.

The two-day event, which was held at the NEC Arena Birmingham, proved to be an excellent opportunity for Hockley to introduce products and receive feedback on its waste management pesticide range. With over 500 exhibitors, 350 seminars and 30 panel debates, the show was a bustling affair and an estimated 20,000 visitors were recorded over the two days.

The Hockley delegation, led by director Catherine Howard, received keen interest and excellent feedback from visitors on the new waste management range. As we have reported in our previous articles, the almost record breaking summer led to a significant increase in fly infestations throughout the country and therefore high demand for control solutions for flies.

For fly control Hockley offered a range of six products including a larvicide, knockdowns and residuals. The larvicide HokoEx, is a granular cyromazine product that can be scattered, poured or diluted and sprayed to control maggots. Highly effective at the first five stages of the fly life cycle, this product has proved to be essential in guarding against infestations.

In addition to maggot control, and for the complete management of fly problems, Hockley can provide knockdown and residual products for adult flies. One of the key knockdown products in the range is Permost Uni Fly Spray. A ready-to-use, solvent-based pesticide containing permethrin, tetramethrin and PBO, this product offers rapid knockdown of flies with excellent ease of use.

In residual products, Permost CS is one of Hockley’s most popular. It is a specialised permethrin microencapsulation, which gives up to 90 days control. Microencapsulation is the technique of embedding active ingredients in polymer membranes of various thicknesses. Thus, rather than total dispersal upon application, the microencapsulation allows for release over a longer period.

The range consists of products to suit most requirements and application areas. These include a ready-to-use amateur fly spray, a naturally derived fly spray and a specialised knockdown and residual combination. Overall, the event proved to be a significant one for Hockley, and the company looks forward to a promising year ahead in supplying its products to this sector.

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